Data is the lifeblood of modern society. That’s why secure data management is a requirement through every sector of UK public services, industry, finance, commerce and SME's. It's inescapable. Ikonic Asset Management provides accredited data destruction, high security IT refurbishment, IT recycling, IT reuse and complete IT asset disposal across a wide spectrum of sectors.

Our Expertise

We are vastly experienced in the professional provision of industry-leading and essential IT asset management. We employ the latest and most secure techniques in IT reuse, refurbishment, recycling and data destruction. All our staff are of the highest calibre, are fully trained and DBS checked. We are comprehsively accredited to working to the strict procedures and systems that are put in place by ADISA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 27001. Ikonic instills confidence and guarantees peace of mind.

Public Sector

Education, healthcare, local authorities, government bodies, miltary, police, emergency services, infrastructure and transport can benefit from Ikonic Asset Management's highly secure and professional data disposal. From smartphones and tablets to PCs and hard drives, we destroy their data and either reuse, refurbish or recycle the IT assets securely and legally.

Schools and Colleges

From nursery, primary and secondary schools to academies, colleges and universities, the education system has a genuine requirement for secure IT asset management. Whether it's data destruction, recycling IT equipment, or IT disposal, we at Ikonic understand the exact requirements of this sector that generates vast quantities of data.

Solicitors and Accountants

The legal and accountancy professions are responsible for vast quantities of highly sensitive data not just of their own, but also of their clients. Its security is of paramount importance and if jeopardised could cause catestrophic reputational and financial damage. Take total confidence in Ikonic. We have all the measures, procedures and technology in place to ensure total security when managing your data assets.

Financial Institutions

If there is one industry that demands the very highest security surrounding its data it is the financial sector. Ikonic understands that watertight security is required to protect the finances of these institutions and also the personal information of their customers. We provide a tightly monitored industry-leading IT asset management service that includes data destruction, IT reuse, IT recycle and IT disposal.

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Data Centres

Data centres, by their very nature, rely heavily on the information contained on the databases that they hold and use on a daily basis. Ikonic Asset Management not only handles the destruction of data but also assists in the swift and secure relocation or expansion of data centres. We orchestrate everything with precision from the recording and tracking of assets to the secure disposal of data.

Large Retailers

The retail sector increasingly relies on data technology in order operate and market to its customers by collecting data and analysing consumer spending. Ikonic provides highly secure, tailored IT asset management solutions for large retailers. From technology recycling and data asset destruction to IT recycle and IT reuse, Ikonic delivers with minimum or zero disruption to day-to-day retail operations.

Mobile Phone Providers

The proliferation of smartphones with ever increasing capabilities in the hands of consumers with an insatiable appetite to communicate means mobile phone networks hold high levels of constantly changing important personal data. Ikonic takes care of the secure destruction of data on smartphones in the instances of trade-ins, trade-ups, returns, surplus and end of line stock.

Advertising Agencies

Advertising and marketing agencies need to understand the behaviour of their clients' consumers. That involves the gathering of information and analysis of valuable data. Ikonic can be an essential part of this marketing process by providing incredibly secure IT data and asset management services from data destruction to IT recycle, reuse or refurbishment.


Registered charities depend on the goodwill of people who make financial donations and entrust their personal data to them. Maintaining trust and security is crucial to the lifeblood of charities. We can ensure data disposal is conducted with total integrity and maximum security.


Other Sectors

Above are the key sectors in which we operate, though the IT asset management services we offer can be applied across many more. SME's, corporates, insurance providers and charities for example can all benefit form Ikonic experience and accredited expertise.


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