Ikonic Asset Management incorporates a strict security policy that follows the ISO 27001 and ADISA accreditation standards. Our premises are protected with high security 24/7. All staff are DBS checked. We run a tight ship with strict processes and employ the latest data destruction technology. We are also here to help ensure you are fully GDPR cybersecurity compliant.


Ikonic Asset Management does everything by the book. We follow strict procedures and systems put in place by ADISA and ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 27001. All assets are tagged and scanned throughout the process for total traceability. Everything is transported in secure GPS tracked vehicles with CCTV and secure lock boxes. On arrival, we triage assets for reuse or recycling before being data sanitised in a secure area with Blancco software and the option to be degassed and physically destroyed. Assets fit for reuse are refurbished for sale and remarketed by our sales team with a rebate paid to the client. The rest are recycled at an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility.

Maximum Data Security

We take every aspect of security incredibly seriously, after all, our reputation depends upon it. That is why everyone at Ikonic Asset Managment is vetted via thorough DBS and identity checks. Hard-sided GPS tracked collection vehicles with secure HDD storage and lockboxes, incorporate security cameras to monitor every asset. Our premises are secured with a Redcare alarming system and HD CCTV with tightly controlled access. Plus our high-level secure data destruction department is housed in a separate locked area with 24-hour live and recorded feeds. Data destruction is carried out using ADISA & ISO 27001 approved Blancco overwriting. If physical destruction is required we provide total security by using a fully ADISA approved physical destruction method.

How it Works

From initial collection and delivery to our dedicated facility to the certified destruction of data, reuse, recycling, refurbishment and resale of assets, Ikonic Asset Management puts data security first.

Supporting Industry Sectors


Data Destruction

We offer a fully GDPR compliant IT asset management service. We are guided by the stipulations and processes of ADISA and ISO 27001 accreditation. For secure data destruction, we use industry standard Blancco data erasure. For physical destruction, we employ ADISA approved physical destruction methods of magnetic degassing before shredding. We can even provide on-site data destruction upon request. for environmental and economic reasons, physical destruction is very much the last resort, but when it is required, it is GDPR compliant and carried out securely using ADISA and ISO 27001 accredited methods.



The new General Data Protection Regulations that replace the Data Protection Act has major implications for businesses. To comply, your business will need to change the way you deal with customer data. The data you collect, the reason you collect it, who collects it and how it is stored are all under the spotlight. Ikonic Asset Management can guide you through the minefield and ensure you are doing everything required to comply and keep your customers' data safe.


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